Today in the city Soda Springs 25.06.2017
Florida Just Became The Latest State To Abolish The 'Tampon Tax'

Florida just joined the growing list of states that have put an end to the so-called “tampon tax.”  Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a law on Thursday making feminine hygiene products i...

US secretary of state flies to Britain to say sorry for Manchester leaks

Rex Tillerson’s unprecedented public apology in person shows seriousness of rift over intelligence sharingThe US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has flown to the UK to deliver in person an apology...

Kid With Heart Defect Blasts Off 'Into Outer Space' In Sweet Video

A 7-year-old in Georgia got the chance to live out his space dreams, with a little help from virtual reality and Make-A-Wish.  Zayden Wright of Augusta was born with congenital heart disease and...

Man Who Kept Woman Chained in Storage Container for Two Months Pleads Guilty to Killing 7 in South Carolina

Man who kept woman chained in storage container for two months pleads guilty to killing 7 in South Carolina.

South Sudan Refugees Scrounge for Scraps as Rations Slashed in Uganda Camps

By Pacato Peter ObwotPAGIRINYA, Uganda (Reuters) - Hunger is forcing desperate refugees from South Sudan to steal food from poverty-stricken locals...

Best of Late Night: Seth Meyers Slams Republican for Violent Response to Reporter

Late-night TV hosts pounced on Greg Gianforte, who won the election on Thursday for Montana’s vacant House seat despite being charged with assaulting a reporter.

Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Should Name His Handshakes After Dance Moves

President Donald Trump’s bizarre way of shaking hands continues to amuse and amaze in equal measure. After Trump twice engaged in epic handshake-offs with France’s newly elected president...

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